Cathy Diorio
Dianne, Your new website captures the vast imaginative scope of your work and ethos!. Beautifully done. I awaken to my bluebird on a wire every morning - a wonderful way to start the day.
irmgard becker james-müller
2015-05-11 precious, enchanting, symbolic and deeply connecting to the here and to the ancient. A pure seeing a wonderful myth unfolding and all the senses are awakened, simultaeniously (not sure of my spelling)...<3 from the heart and hands..<3
Mark Tovar
Your Art is Pure, a beautiful delight of color with such a loving enchanting spirit!!!!I enjoy every beautiful piece!!!Well done!!!
Georgiana Frame
Discovered you thru article in S.F. Chron today. Would love to buy a piece of your art. I, too, was lucky to live in W. Covina years ago and spent much time admiring the dense groves of orange trees that seemed to stretch to the sea. All gone -- all part of the rape of California. Keep up giving us your inspiring art.
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Heidi Engle
The new website looks great on my phone! Your art is a go-to fix for me when I feel like I need color in my life.
Paul M.
I feel your art. Rather, I'm moved to feel connection with my world through your art. Thanks for sharing your story.
Elizabeth Flanagan
Dianne, So happy to be on your mailing list. Been watching you as an artist for some time now. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I think you make a huge difference through your art and will continue to do so.


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