signposts ahead

4 August  - 3 September

La Matadora Gallery

opening reception Saturday, 4 August  6 to 9

61857 Hwy 62

Joshua Tree, California

looking for a sign

a moment remembered

on thousand years from now

living between

sand + sky

cactus + cosmos

somewhere out there

i testify for birds

and other earthlings

living with us

in a dire world

in a treacherous time


pedal to the metal

we are

hell bent

we are


will you guide us to

a realm

between the two

will you

show us the way through

will you

connect us

to blue


tiny salvation /
la luz de Jesus
opening reception
June 7, 2019

portraits of wildlife on road signs as warnings to STOP and ask ourselves what is sacred that is what is disappearing before our very eyes.