about dianne bennett

about dianne bennett

I experience birds as a vehicle of deliverance, transformation and awe. They live in the sky between the cosmos and earth and connect me to a deeper experience. Wild nature offers us a road to salvation as a way of seeing beyond ourselves to a kind of clarity that offers us hope. I paint portraits of birds and other wild beings on road signs as warnings to STOP and ask ourselves what is sacred and what is disappearing before our very eyes.

The desert lends a  kind of madness that takes over and goes against reason or maybe even gives you a better reason, a kind of clarity to see in the sky down on the ground a certain silent connection between everything and what it has to tell you.It gives perspective and a long view to the distant wilderness of possibility and feeling on the fragile edge.

ode to saint corona
(alien nation in a cosmic empire)

it doesn’t matter how you find it.
whatever works for you.
caught napping in a cosmic empire?
a little faith will do.
that funny paranoia?
let’s give a break
you’re due.

we are
lost in thought
left behind
found in being
a part apart
within our together

before you know it
you realize,
sometimes IS
the best thing to

In the name of
to pause
in or out of this world
if only for a moment or two

relative prayers
absolute faith
or seen through
eyes other than your own
other joy full realms
present and in view
the rapture
a vast place of space
sIng out in to

glory be
hosanna high
we are here
beyond sky

all blown up heart
out blue

d.b. 2020